Miller Upholstering can Collaborate with Designers and Builders

  • Business Owners & Realtors – Use Miller Upholstering’s one-of-a-kind furniture pieces to compliment your store, salon or for rental in photoshoots, and for home staging.
  • Architects & Interior Designers – Restaurants, lobbies, public seating areas
  • Carpenters and furniture makers
  • Historical Societies, and Furniture Societies.

White-label Collaboration – your brand

Lifestyle boutiques and interior designers who seek to establish their brand have a unique opportunity for white-label collaboration. Helen will create exclusive soft interiors for sale only through your shop and labeled with your branding.

Consulting, Teaching, Tutoring, or One on One

An engaging communicator, versed in the history of fabrics & furniture designs, Helen loves to share her deep knowledge and appreciation of the nuances of fabric and its origins, and the underlying support and structure of how furniture is made and restored. Even pillows and cushions have secret qualities she can share.

A Future Vision for Retail Collaborations

My vision is more in alignment with London’s chic boutiques or department stores. Other retail trends merging artisan, vintage, and modern design in customer-centric environments whether it’s online or a destination experience.

A kindred spirit with the Twin Cities vintage, creative and entrepreneurial community, I am always looking for opportunities to participate or partner in events and pop-ups. At my new location I’ve started my own Petit-Flea sidewalk sales that feature a small selection of curated vintage clothing, fabrics, pillows, furniture and other home décor.

Ultimately, I see myself in a more permanent collaborative setting that includes my studio and a retail outlet with a wine or coffee bar or perhaps English tea.