Pillows invite and help us settle in… to the sofa, our favorite chair, daybed, banquette – anywhere large or small soft decorative elements may be needed.

Some people like just one or two – others can’t get enough… and others still don’t like any at all! Rooms with big space/big furniture will want pillows of a certain larger scale, just as vintage and antique furnishings will want to hold smaller ones – hence the need for customization, and of course special fabrics!

Pillows don’t always have to *P*O*P*! They may be subtle like same-tone-as-upholstery but a different texture (linen against leather, mohair against matelassé ) or they may be that element in the room that ties a piece of art with seemingly disparate furnishings or the rug that doesn’t seem to go with anything … pillows are Unifiers and ComfortMakers… they may be made for every room in the house or outdoors in UV resistant textiles and fillers.

Pillows can be made square, rectangular, circular, cylindrical, triangular and other geometric shapes and can be filled with a number of materials. You can depend on Helen to advise you of proper fill for your purpose and fabric. They can be made for the floor, as part of decorative bed dressings, can be made to bear special rings in wedding ceremonies, can be made from heirloom textiles – a needlepoint or fur coat of your old Auntie’s refashioned into a keepsake, can emphasize a mood or style (vintage barkcloth pillows for your Tiki rattan) or quietly hold their post at each sofa’s arms or center-backs of chair pairs. In minimal settings, they can add that extra bit of the human touch that without, may seem devoid of warmth, personality. Stiff arrangements of furniture are fine for advertising, but when it comes to everyday living… we need pillows, we want pillows … a little, or a lot!

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