Cushions and decor pillows can be made up of such a variety of design, densities and materials that it can be difficult to know what to order or where to begin sourcing.

In her 20+ years of working with high-end furniture makers, interior decorators, luxury textiles and through her love of sewing and design, Helen can help you by creating soft cushion fabrications of all kinds. She brings to each client a bespoke approach in not just fabric selection and sewing style, but also the wide range of types of fill, such as foams, feather and down products, natural and organic fiber-fills and wraps to make up the very best soft furnishings indoors and out, for your home or commercial setting.

Cushion Repair

New foams replacement: Some clients will just need new foam for their furniture pieces, both indoors and out, that have lost their “oompf” after 10 years or so.  This is a solution for some but not all furniture frames depending on its spring system and other factors.

Feather and Down replacement: Some will need new down feather wraps or full down inserts, due to feather loss naturally occurring over the years.  New tickings or liners may also be called for.

Vintage and antique furniture: frames 60-200 years old often have archaic padding systems that require special materials ordered and advanced fabrication techniques to keep as close to the original as possible in the efforts of restoration and preservation. It just doesn’t do to place a slab of foam across the webbed surface of a Georgian sofa or Gustavian chair.

New Cushion Fabrication

Remodeled, renovated or newly built homes needing cushions for their built-in’s for the first time, will find Helen’s experience useful in making cushions to take them into the first decade of their new seating arrangements. She consults professionally with architects, designers, commercial and residential clients early in their process of designing the base framework where cushions will ultimately be fitted. She has designed for living rooms, kitchen and dining rooms, playrooms, foyers and mudrooms, backyard, pool and lakeside patios, artisan-made furniture frames both classic reproduction and fresh new maker designs that need an upholsterer’s thoughtful angle. Again, she brings all of her experience and knowledge of materials and supply and then technical skill in fabrication, to each client’s particular design situation.

Cushions are plump or low profile as needed, fabrics and coverings along with a myriad of sewing styles are considered wisely for proper yield of yardgoods with minimal waste.

Contact Helen along with images illustrating the issues/design ideas or attached drafted plans for:

indoor cushions • outdoor cushions • benches • banquettes • built-ins • waiting and reception areas • lounges • foyers • landings • mudrooms • bedrooms • dressing rooms • libraries • window and radiator cushions • church pews • floor cushions • Middle Eastern and Asian style cushions • wedding cushions • office and public space cushions • spring cushions • squab cushions • natural latex cushions • feather cushions

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